The 3 Villages

Within an hours drive from the airport in Puerto Vallarta, you reach the verdant green jungles of Nayarit. The region is rich in biological diversity. It sits on a major migratory route for many bird species, some indigenous to this area. The Riviera’s beauty, the jungles and its unspoiled beaches, are fundamental to the recognition that Nayarit’s natural environment is it’s biggest asset. Ecotourism is thriving, providing the local residents a lifestyle that is in harmony with the region’s natural resources.

The three villages of Sayulita, San Francisco (San Pancho), and Lo de Marcos, are along the north coast of Bahia Banderas. They provide the adventurous tourist a unique and more relaxed experience than the exclusive tourist-filled resorts of Puerto Vallarta. Each is unique in character, and distinctively different from each other. Sayulita was designated a Pueblo Magico in 2015 by Mexico’s tourism development arm, and with this recognition has grown rapidly since. Both Sayulita and Lo de Marcos exist in the “tourist shadow” of Sayulita, but they are quickly being discovered as some of Mexico’s most favored destinations by foreign travelers.

Nayarit is located north of Puerto Vallarta

Sayulita, San Francisco (San Pancho), & Lo de Marcos are located on the north coast


San Francisco (San Pancho)

Lo de Marcos

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