The 2 Casas

Each Uniquely Different….

Casa Lorenzo – on the beach

Casa Lorenzo, located on the north end of the beach from San Pancho, was the 2nd home built on the beach in the early 1980’s. It is a 2 bedroom retreat with accommodations for 7 people, and has sweeping views of the Pacific ocean and San Pancho’s wide and beautiful beach. The Casa’s unusual architecture beckons the more adventurous of guests…those not looking for luxurious accommodations or more modern designs. It offers a place where one hangs a hammock, relaxes and retreats to tranquil spaces beyond the fast lanes of life.

Casa Amistad – 2 blocks to the beach

Located in Lo de Marcos, 7 miles north of San Pancho, is a 2 story duplex nicely tucked in a village of pure Mexican friendliness.

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